Kent Folding Pocket Comb - Flexible Quills For Curly Beards

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Made by Kent, the leading name in beard combs, this will last forever and it performs especially well on curly beards - gliding effortlessly through the hairs and making you look dapper once more. 

  • Folding travel comb - ideal for keeping in your pocket, gym bag or car.
  • Compact, light and strong
  • Folded length: 95mm.

This brush also has some extra nano-technology to help care for your hair!

Grey non-scratch quills contain powerful energising ion molecules that help remove UV environmental damage from the hair.

Understanding Ions:

An ion is an atom that has lost or gained one electron making it negatively or positively charged. Volcanic Andosite quartz crystals, emit negative ions and when added to resin, can be formed into brushes. The capillary vessels become stimulated and the cuticle layer is tightened which seals in natural oils and leave the hair soft and vitalised.