Our Story

Hi, We’re Becky & Alan and as a family we work hard to make your beard look and smell better than it has ever been.

Original Beard Co started in 2016, we had struggled to find products that suited our ethics so decided to launch our own!

We wanted to offer high quality natural products at affordable prices. All our products are cruelty free and our packaging is responsibly sourced and recyclable.  

With backgrounds in Chemistry and engineering we spent almost a year trialling different formulas and experimenting with scents and blends.

Our first attempt at brand aesthetics took inspiration from our close-knit group of like-minded friends. We planned to pay tribute to each of them in the designs:

    Although we did love these designs initially something just didn't feel right with them.

    We were sad to let the initial branding go but we called upon our talented design friend Dan to step up our game!

    After a few beers and some banter he went away and produced the inspiring logo that you see here today; we’re so happy to stand alongside it.


    Our hope is that we make you smile every time you stand in front of the mirror because now your beard looks epic!

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