Why you need to up your beard game NOW

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Why you need to up your beard game NOW

Step Up Your Beard Game In 5 Minutes With These 3 Key Points

 1. Maintenance

Unless your beard style is full on cave man, everyone should be doing some sort of weekly or daily maintenance. 

Gentlemen, shave your neck!

We cannot stress this simple maintenance routine enough, it will make your beard look sharper and more defined. 
Try trimming the hairs that grow over the top of your lip or curl into your mouth, they are gross and no one wants to kiss you when you have them.

2. Products

Beard grooming products are essential to grow and maintaining a healthier beard. 
A natural beard oil or balm will soften up those beard hairs and moisturise that dry flaky skin on your face. Loaded with vitamins and nutrients, your beard and face will smell great, feel smooth and look completely renewed.

3. Style

Like hairdo’s, you could easily change up your beard style and look different. Whether you have a classic full beard, a simple moustache with a goatee, or sideburns with a soul patch; there are many varieties for you to try or grow.

What's your favourite beard and hairstyle? What are you wearing with it?
If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment or send us a message! 

Do you want the best smelling Beard you've ever had?

Do you want compliments on your Beard?

Do you want to tame and nourish your greatest asset?

Then don't wait, we've got you covered here 

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