To hull and Back

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To hull and Back

Humber bridge crossing

Nothing says welcome home like crossing the bridge

Unless your from Hull, or have lived in Hull you cant quite appreciate the feeling of home you get from seeing this bridge. No matter where in the world you end up the second you see the Humber bridge your home.

 So we ended up with a last minute dash up to East Yorkshire for the bank holiday weekend, in this Blog you will find out what we got up to.

welcome to the world Ethan Welcome to the world Little Man!

The first thing we did as we crossed the bridge was swing a left to meet our newest Clan member. 

This little guy stole our hearts straight away so glad to finally welcome you to the world baby E.




We missed the Vegan Market (sorry Lucy) but we did manage to make it to Trinity Market.

Trinity Market is home to the Eco store a new shop run by Kallum (Left) and his business partner. 

The guys have worked hard to try and tackle the problem of single use products that don't biodegrade and high quality ethical items to cater to the growing Vegan/Conscious market.





Keep up to date with them on to see what new products they have as they continue to grow.

sam bishop music

As we continued our journey through town we stumbled across this talented busker down Whitefriargate. Sam Bishop Smith entertained our ears with a self penned song which is going to be released later this year. The girls loved it, Lady V was dancing away, a truly talented guy we cant wait to hear it again.


 Hornsea for the win - Bank holiday Monday

 We decided to have a ride out to the coast on bank holiday Monday, normally a risky tactic since every man under the sun heads to the seaside on a bank holiday, especially a hot bank holiday! Luck was on our side though, we got parked up no problem and had an awesome time strolling along the east coast, we got 5 ice lollies and a drink for £4.60 I don't think I've bought a single item for less than £5 since we moved down south and they say there no divide :-P
I think at one point we also visited every park in Hull, personal highlight was my Granny jumping from a speeding train (8 MPH Max speed) in east park because the step was too high and she couldn't be bothered to wait for help.
One Desperado...Floor! Too many parks + Beer = Floored Daddy
 or a siesta if you ask him.
Sorry Bear!
 We went to see our friends Bambi & Bear before they packed up for Africa (they were due to leave in 2 hours) and this little monkey decided to break their living room decorations and hang out on their swing (don't ask :-P) Whilst chasing around their big cat Tiggy.
To keep up to date on their latest adventures follow them on 
The Final Goodbye
                                                                                                                                 The Last thing we had to do was say a final goodbye to Grandad, for those of you who know us in real life you will know he was ill for a very long time. Parkinsons took hold of him and he spent alot of years fighting constant pain. He was a man known for his love of life, he was trouble with a capital T, he was only happy if he had someone to torment with his bad jokes! He was also a very charitable man he raised thousands over the years for various causes and most recently Parkinsons UK it was his final wish that one day there would be a cure for this awful disease. Although a sad occasion his funeral really was a celebration of his life, people he had touched over the years attended to share a memory of him, and when I said goodbye to his body, I saw a man free from pain. Goodbye and God bless.          thanks for reading our blog! To Stay in touch with us and see what were up to follow us on : or

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