Target Zero

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Target Zero


Let's talk New Years resolutions.

So this year we've made quite a few and we've decided to tackle them one week at a time to give us the chance to focus and reflect going forward. As a family and as a company, one of the biggest challenges we face is waste.

Week 1: Target Zero

For the first week we made a pact not to go to the shops until all the food in the cupboards was Vegan Black blean balti, pilau rice, Chana Masala and saag alooused up. We've all been guilty of throwing something out that could have been used in another meal, if only we'd planned a little better! This would not only be a great financial saving exercise but also show us what we really have stored away. 5 days in and we have had some really good meals. I daresay later on in the month the food choice might get...interesting!


Eating out with kids:



It was still the holidays when we started this and we promised the older child a meal out; she ate what she could then had quite a bit of veg left over. Not wanting to waste any food I made her a food cone out of a leaflet we had been given earlier on so she could transport her food around with her and recycle it when finished.













All in, I'd say we've started the year on a positive note; let us know how your journey is going :-)

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