Spotlight on Beard Balm

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Spotlight on Beard Balm

SPOTLIGHT // Beard Balm

 Beard balm has a thicker texture then oil which is great for full beards as it provides more hold. We recommend applying the balm with a brush (such as the kent woody hog) just so you can distribute it more evenly.



Our natural balm comes available in three scents:

The original is a very clean, fresh scent. The Lemongrass is what gives this a fresh aroma but it is softened by the undertone of lavender and the warmth of patchouli essential oils.


 The Pepperwood is a darker woody scent (think freshly cut tree), quite different to the original. The blend of Pine, Cedar and black pepper oils give this scent a rich earthy tone.


The Club tropicana is a real party for your face! Not a balm for the faint hearted the strong Grapefruit and Lime with a hint of mint, gives this zesty cocktail of smells a real party feel! 



Finally the unscented balm, for those who just want the hold with none of the fuss :-)


Can't choose? Then why not go for the triple balm collection, all our balms come in a massive 50ml tin which offers great value for money!

buy your triple balm collection here

Before you go -  you only need to cleanse with our 
beard shampoo
 once or twice a week, and always go light on your balm – a little goes a long way!


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  • Mark Foy

    Gday gents after viewing your YouTube I could tell you guys were some funny chaps. I am from the USA but am European thru and thru having all my family come from London and Italy. Want to order from u guys but looks like it’s all sold out.
    Are u mainly selling in the UK or do you sell overseas?
    I have done sales also for 12 years and could help you all distribute here in California
    Either way would love to hear from you lads
    Thanks for the chuckles
    PS just growing my first full beard after many years without
    Mark Foy

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