Spotlight on Beard Balm

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Spotlight on Beard Balm

SPOTLIGHT // Beard Balm

 Beard balm has a thicker texture then oil which is great for full beards as it provides more hold. We recommend applying the balm with a brush (such as the kent woody hog) just so you can distribute it more evenly.



Our natural balm comes available in three scents:

The original is a very clean, fresh scent. The Lemongrass is what gives this a fresh aroma but it is softened by the undertone of lavender and the warmth of patchouli essential oils.


 The Pepperwood is a darker woody scent (think freshly cut tree), quite different to the original. The blend of Pine, Cedar and black pepper oils give this scent a rich earthy tone.


The Club tropicana is a real party for your face! Not a balm for the faint hearted the strong Grapefruit and Lime with a hint of mint, gives this zesty cocktail of smells a real party feel! 



Finally the unscented balm, for those who just want the hold with none of the fuss :-)


Can't choose? Then why not go for the triple balm collection, all our balms come in a massive 50ml tin which offers great value for money!

buy your triple balm collection here

Before you go -  you only need to cleanse with our 
beard shampoo
 once or twice a week, and always go light on your balm – a little goes a long way!


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