How GREEN can you go?

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How GREEN can you go?

What’s up guys? We just wanted to let you know about some of the great eco-conscious decisions we’ve made in Original Beard Co this month, so that you can see what changes we’ve made to our packaging and why. And the added bonus is that you can take some of our findings and use them to fix your own postage packaging problems!

So, packaging ain’t exactly the sexiest of topics but I’m gonna give it a go! We’ve all seen the distressing scenes occurring in the world’s oceans; with high volumes of plastic waste disrespectfully being dumped and creating localised environmental disasters. Now, prevention is better than cure and we’re always on a mission to reduce any form of waste.

Our first big win this month was to swap out our parcel tape for a better one. We thought we were doing pretty well using a tape that was made from 100% recycled plastic but we went one step better. We found a paper-based tape from Kite Packaging that is 100% recyclable and can be placed in your cardboard recycling bin. No more time spent separating the tape from your cardboard before you dispose of it! WIN!

We had run out of the wood wool that we use to line our gift boxes. We’ve used this since day 1 at Original Beard Co, since the soft-wood that it’s made with is sustainable. Kite packaging did a great deal on a bale of it for us.

Now, I realise that this was shipped to us in a plastic bag but we are yet to find anyone who can supply bales wrapped in paper or other recyclable materials. If you know someone please give us a shout on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. We also love how it smells – it makes the job of packaging up your orders all the more enjoyable!

For individual items like soaps we’re going with a tried and tested green solution – the Green Jiffy Bag. Rather than the usual layer of bubble wrap inside, this one uses macerated paper to protect your precious delivery. Okay, so the satisfaction of bursting bubble-wrap will be lost forever but I’ll accept that if waste paper is being re-used and non-recyclable packaging is being eliminated!

Onto postage boxes and we have gone for a flat-pack single walled cardboard box. It’s recyclable and we have picked a size that’s versatile enough to fit most combinations of orders into. This means fewer packaging items on the shelf here and hence fewer ‘bitsa’ deliveries – we can now go for one big packing order much less frequently.

To ensure that your goods stay in one piece, we use this versatile recyclable corrugated card. We wrap the item and use the height of the card to wedge it in place in our boxes. This means we don’t usually have to add any other packing, like air-bags or bubble wrap to ensure your order stays put inside the box. If we ever do need additional bracing we’ll tend to use an expertly folded bit of card re-purposed from a delivery we’ve received. Nothing goes to waste here!

So that’s it in a nutshell and we’re sharing all this with you so that you can be better informed as to what options are out there to help solve your personal postage problems and so you can have a clear conscience if you choose to buy your lovely beard products from us.

And that’s How For Now…Give yourself 10 kudos points if you get that childhood TV reference!

Alan & Becky :-)

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