When you support handmade you are not just supporting a person, small business, family, our economy; you are purchasing a small part of an artist’s heart. Thank You


I love ordering from you guys! it was so quick and easy to place an order and the delivery was so quick!! Alan and Becky are such a super team who are quick to offer advice and help with all their amazing products! I can't recommend these products highly enough you've totally made my partner's birthday wishes come true he can't wait to smell all tropical and silky!!! beards rule and you guys are conquering the world one glorious beard after another!!! Thank you so much!!!

Louisa H

Beard heaven in a box! The amazing beard oil & balm, along with the shampoo bar. I managed to get the new Club Tropicana oil too 🙌🏻 The best products out there to support a healthy, well nourished beard. Smells so good thanks to the lemongrass, patchouli and lavender essential oils. The company are often at vegan fairs and it’s nice to speak to the owners about their business and see how passionate they are. 😍🧔🏻


Beard looking loads healthier after switching to Original Beard co Beard balm.


Original beard co products are amazing. My husbands beard is lovely and soft and smells amazing. We love the products so much they are our go to gifts for our male friends and family!

Erin G.

I use the beard oil on my daughters hair. It really brings out the curls and it smells amazing. A little goes a long way too


A Note From The Founder

I get asked "Which beard product is best for me?" a lot and the key thing to remember is that everybody is different. The beard style you want, hair coarseness, hair density and even hair colour can all make a difference! Please have a read through the product guides and if you're still unsure, please drop us an email. I'm only too happy to help :-)

As a starter for ten, the most common question I get asked is...

Which Is Best - Balm or Oil?

Balm or oil can be a confusing question in a man’s daily care routine. We hope to help you understand what both of these grooming products do and which one is best for you.

Our specialist vegan balm helps you style and shape your facial hair. Our handmade balms will assist with the moisturising factor that your facial hair and the skin underneath needs, while providing a good hold for styling, and also make your beard look thicker and fuller. Balm leaves you with a more matt, natural look.

Beard oil is a fantastic way to moisturise your facial hair and will leave your skin feeling well conditioned, it will soften, moisturise, reduce itchiness and reduce flaky skin. If you want that fresh glossy look, an oil is the only way to go!